Contact person: Herr Christian Asche

With the mobile office bag BRUNO we had the chance to seek new paths. The mobile bag BRUNO impresses with space-saving accommodation of keyboard, laptop, headset and gives lot of space for personal life.

With latest technics this little helper was created with many details and realistic textures to represent it in the most realistic way in 3D plannings. We are pleased with the result and are excited for many other projects.

Infos to BRUNO: 
Contact person: Tobias Janorschke

COR is a successful manufacturer of upholstered furniture area since 50 years. Since 2018, we can call COR as a customer and since then we worked on many special features.
Over time, COR developed itself and the spectrum of tables, table systems as well as work lounge and meeting opportunities.
This should be no normal data creation for us as 3D office team. The commercial data are imported by an OFML import interface specially programmed for this purpose. 


As mentioned, the commercial data creation is realized by an importer. This way, the standard of OFML is created automatically. In this process, items, prices and commerical logic will be imported.

Upholstered furniture are ment to be good as planning data. Therefore meta data were an essential part of the planning data for COR. We achieved a better planability for all COR traders. To make easy plannings as well as complex plannings more flexible, the item exchange always gets implemented. 
Thus, easy plannings of the complex COR products can be also achieved by new customers.


As one of our first partners COR integrated OAP by us globally. Thus, COR is a pioneer in this topic as well as in many other topics.
Also we could fulfill the wish to maintain the best quality of the data. OAP are always created when new features come into play because it improves the planning enormously. From acessories to big lounge areas all is integrated. 
Ansprechpartner: Jonas Jonynas

Narbutas furniture company is a Lithuanian office furniture company. As Narbutas was looking for an efficient data creation tool they decided to use PDC2. Great importance was placed on the convenient creation of OFML® data

.In course of the creation of the OFML® data the 3D office team supported Narbutas from the beginning. Also Narbutas decided to use MDC as meta data creation.


Narbutas was supported by the 3D office team from the beginning. The manufacturer's employees were instructed in the functionality of the PDC2 on site in a two-day training course. The manufacturer also received instructions on the construction and structure of the graphic data, as these are created by the manufacturer itself.Narbutas uses its own AutoCAD version as a CAD program. The OFML® data was structured in such a way that the later integration of metadata was made possible.

To integrate the commercial information, the 3D office team programmed an interface to the merchandise management system used, which guarantees that the existing data can be imported correctly into the PDC2. This saves Narbutas time and costs when it comes to commercial data creation.

Meta data integration

Narbutas' furniture range contains several elements that can be combined with each other, which should also be reflected in the OFML® data using metadata. Narbutas uses the MDC for this, which significantly speeds up metadata creation and therefore simplifies the handling of metadata updates. In a separate training course, the employees were trained on site and instructed in the functionality of the MDC. This eliminates the need for manual creation of metadata on a CSV basis and makes metadata creation much more convenient.


In order to expand the distribution of OFML® data, the SetupBuilder is used in addition to distribution via pCon products (pCon Update). This gives customers access to the OFML® data who are not pCon Update customers. 
Contact person: Mr. Johannes Schiebe

When creating their OFML® data, the Schönbuch company placed particular emphasis on simple and user-friendly operation. In order to make it easier for the user to familiarize themselves with the many different configuration options for the individual products in the Schönbuch catalog, they use metadata.

The manufacturer's high demands on the functionality of the data were realized and implemented in collaboration with the 3D office team. The manufacturer carried out the OFML® data creation itself using the OFML® data creation tool PDC2.


The manufacturer Schönbuch used the OFML® data creation tool PDC 2 for the OFML® data creation. The Schönbuch employees were trained in the use of the PDC 2 with extensive training and were actively supported by the 3D office team during the data creation.

With a view to creating metadata, the OFML® data was designed in such a way that it could be integrated based on the commercial OCD data.


The metadata was created by the 3D office team.

The focus here was particularly on implementing the extensive selection options of the furniture series in such a way that the specialist retailer can work with them without any problems and even complex wall unit systems can be planned in the simplest possible way. 
Contact person: Mr. Gerd Lauszus

Assmann Büro Möbel GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading manufacturers of office furniture and, in addition to desks, containers and cabinet systems, also offers lounge furniture, acoustic solutions and technology integrations for workplace systems.

The new workstation systems Canvaro Compact and Flexter were presented at ORGATEC 2016. As part of the exhibition stand presentation, unitel Bürosysteme implemented the assembly of the two systems as 3D animated films using Cinema 4D. The movement sequences of the individual parts were discussed and successfully implemented in close collaboration with Assmann. The presentation was realized at the exhibition stand using interactive smartphone-style touch panels.


  • Creation of a storyline for the assembly instructions of the workstation systems “Canvaro Compact” and “Flexter”
  • Implementation and use of realistic materials & accessories
  • Implementation of the storyline as 3D visualization
  • Creation of an intro to visualize the manufacturer's logo as part of the films to be delivered
Delivery of the visualization in a standard video format
  • Cinema 4D R13
  • Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0
  • Virtual Dub
  • Photoshop CS2
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