With ODC you easily can create OAP data to expand your OFML® data. For this, you do not need a data base. Even existing OFML® data can be completed with OAP easily and quickly.

Your advantages


OAP data made easily

With ODC the creation of OAP data is a child's play. Effectively, clear arranged and a comfortable useage, too.

Modern design

The software inspires with a modern surface when creating OAP. This way, you promote data qualtiy and the operating speed.

CSV based creation not nessecary

ODC offers everything to create your OAP data easily and quickly. Working on CSV data is not nessecary anymore.

Direct data access

The direct work in the data enables you to control the OAP data fast. There is no need to export the data.

Interactive forms

With interactive forms the work is easy and effective.
It gives you an advantage on conventional data creation.

no add-ons needed

With ODC you do not need any other programs or Add-ons to enrich your OFML® data with OAP. Your usual OFML® data base is the only basis.

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