3D office 5 Logo3D office version 4 was replaced by 3D office version 5 which was published at ORGATEC 2006 and supported the new "OFML©" data format. 
3D office version 5 also contains a new graphic engine, a new floor editor and a new "Multilader" (formally "Lader") and a more easy manageable user interface.
Not only 3D office and 3D office sales are a part of this product family but also tools such as the data creation tool PDC2 for recording and processing FOS and OFML© data,
the SetupBuilder which serves for the creation of OFML© setups to supply specialized merchants, or the data portal from which the trader
can easily download and install manufacturer data .
There are many more big and small tools for data creation which serve our customers and have been customized to their individual needs.
E.g.: a data import from SAP, a converter from AutoCAD DWG files to OFML graphics (egms and geo) and many more.

3D office 5 2D-Planung3D office 5 3D-Welt3D office 5 Multilader







Today the 3D office constantly works to fulfil the wishes and demands of the customers and integrate them into 3D office complete, 3D office sales and the PDC best possibly.

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