Product Data Creator 2 (PDC 2)

Create your own OFML® data with the PDC based on an efficient SQL-database. With the help of the CAD software “Bricscad” the dwg data will be converted into OFML compatible graphics. In the PDC these graphics can be put together and previewed as complete furniture. Our special feature: The PDC provides you with executable OFML® data not only for 3D office but also for Bürocad and all pCon products.

Take advantage of the PDC 2:

  • no unnecessary costs for additional components; One program - one price 
  • interactive forms and functions for easy and intuitive operation, such as the extra charge- tool, drag and drop function, extensive test routines, import and export options
  • fast copying of articles, feature groups / characteristics / variants, schedules, catalog entries, etc. - all that series across
  • precise and simple material mapping: fast layer and feature association and -rearrangement of series and cross copy and paste labeled material items 
  • practical preview of the pre-configured products with variant-related graphic representation 
  • includes a full Bricscad software to create DWG files and then import into the PDC 2 with automatic generation of single-DWG's and egms- and geo-files 
  • includes translation tool for multilingual OFML data system

As network compatible version it offers even more advantages: You can easily split up the tasks of your data creation to several people to multiply the speed of the creation process.
Enter Go-types simply and effectively. Create your data in different languages. Construct your graphic in complex hierarchical arranged component lists. The PDC: The perfect tool to create OFML® data effectively.

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